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IT Project Manager Interview Questions in Denver, CO


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How would you deal with a project that is late and has a fixed deadline?

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Rather than spending time developing a schedule, work from a task list and facilitate the team to prioritize and execute the work. Spend more time on risk management and communication.

How would you handle change management on a project like this?

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What is your knowledge of global networking?

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The most difficult question was, "Which would you prefer to use a gel pen or a ball point pen? And Why?"

Asked about the Agile process.

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Describe an experience and discuss how to resolved it with a difficult team member or client.

Asked me about my project management experience.

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Funding had been pulled back by their senior leadership and most non-essential hiring was going to slow or completely stop for awhile. Apparently KP is having major financial and leadership issues this summer because of ongoing labor negotiations. I do not have a favorable impression of them anymore, they just left me hanging with no path forward anymore except to say since they invested the time and effort into recruiting me, once the management approves new headcount and funds, I will be a top candidate. That was 4-weeks ago and not a word so nothing has changed. Many other people were impacted too here in the area.

One person in particular in one of the panel interviews asked me some questions which seemed "weird" regarding how well I can work with people of different ethnicity and cultures... almost as if he was trying to determine if I am a racist or something (I most certainly am not)