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Pharmacist Interview Questions in Denver, CO

Being a pharmacist requires a strong knowledge of both how to interact with people and how people chemically interact with drugs. Candidates are expected to be able to provide outstanding customer service, so most questions are directed towards highlighting your communication and interpersonal skills in difficult or vague situations. In addition, pharmacists must have a good memory to inform customers about their drug and its side effects, so be prepared to flex your clinical knowledge.

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Tell me about the most challenging personnel issue that you have ever had to deal with

1 Answer

Because I was a manager in the past, discussed a serious issue that led to the termination of a technician

Would you like to work for walgreens?

1 Answer

what was my greatest achievement

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Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer and or how you went above and beyond to take care of a customer

How to counsel a new patient on statin therapy

Would you be willing to take a management position eventually? (trick question, you practically have to say yes)

No difficult questions asked. Very easy process. Interviewed with multiple employees. Referred by a current employee.

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