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Technical Project Manager Interview Questions in Denver, CO

"When hiring a technical project manager, an employer will look for candidates with the management skills and industry knowledge to oversee company projects that require members to have large amounts of technical knowledge, usually in the form of programming and software development. Some of the interview questions you may be asked will target your management experience and philosophy while others will focus on your understanding of the technical processes you will be working with in the project."

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Technology always changes, how do you deal with the change and how does it affect you?

The questions were not out of the normal for this position, but the one that stayed with me the most is that they were big on culture and asked several questions around that.

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As a PM; could any PM do any type of project, whether it's administrative, technical, application clinical, construction etc. etc. without prior experience?

The same question was asked multiple times about dealing with other teams outside of your own and how to handle it when another team fails to let you know changes have been made.

Don't recall details but very very in depth questions on IP protocols

How strong are you as a PM and how strong are you technically?