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Rockland Community College
Department Chair was asked...June 6, 2016

Wanted to learn about previous experience.

1 Answers

I gave examples of previous work.

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Past experience in similar roles?

1 Answers

Simply explained my past experience at comparable previous situations

Horry County Schools

What do you believe is most important about being a naval science instructor of a JROTC Program?

1 Answers

Establishing a great relationship with your fellow instructor from day one of the job and ensuring a collaborative approach is always maintained between the two. Additionally, demonstrating to the cadets that you genuinely care for their professional and personal well-being. Less

DeSales University

I was new to academia, fresh out of grad school, only having served 1 year elsewhere as a sabbatical replacement. So this was my first real full-time position in academia, leading the department. They asked me how I expected to take on the responsibilities with so little experience.

1 Answers

I mentioned that it was all part of the job description and that I felt ready to do the job. I am so glad they took a chance with me. Less

SUNY Buffalo

What is your vision for a new graduate program?

1 Answers

They gave me time to go home after the interview and formulate a written proposal. Less

Cornish College of the Arts

It was more than two years ago. No recollection. The usual stuff for academic leadership positions.

1 Answers

I'm always just exactly who I am and speak from my experience. There's no other way to do it. Less

University of Toledo

Pepsi or Coke

1 Answers

Depends on which outcome is best in the cost/benefits analysis

University of Oklahoma

will vary according to discipline

Remington College

"How many students have you enrolled in a program in the past? Of those students, how many stayed in the program?" I was supposed to know detailed numbers off the top of my head from a previous job. I was not allowed to guess or to look like I couldn't remember.

Charter Schools USA

How will you build trust on your team and in your department?

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