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How would you describe your management abilities?

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As the manager of ______ , I took initive and lead of many projects. I had implemented many new ways to complete truck faster and more efficiently. I also took my employees thoughts and concerns to heart and tried to rectify any grievances immediately to avoid turnovers.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

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No difficult questions. They will be focused on customer service, so have stories ready to tell about actual situations you have been in. For example, you will be asked if you encounter a dissatisfied customer how you will handle the situation. Always answer the question with a story, don't try to make something up. Don't answer with " this is how I would handle it", answer with " this is how I handled it and tell your story.

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what are your career goals?

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If you were asked to do somthing that you considered immoral or unethical by your direct supervisor how would you handle it. Have ever had this happen and how did you handle it . Describe in detail step by step the action you took to resolve the situation.

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Tell me about a time when you had a difficult customer and how your handled it.

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We can all be difficult at times. Tell me about a time someone was diffucult how did you handle it? Did you ask them any questions?

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I had to take dog cookies out of a bowl and depending on how many cookies I took I had to tell her that many things about myself. Not that hard as long as it is relevant. This is a tactic the company thinks is "fun". When I became a hiring manager I did not use this tactic because in "group" interviews which was the preferred way the company had us interview, 18/19 year old kids didn't know they were dog cookies and either ate them or would only take one, which didn't result and much conversation.

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What would you do if I a dog was to bite a customer?

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Describe a situation in the past that involved you having to go to extraordinary measures to help a customer?

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