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Would you place blame on underlings for not completing a task, or take personal responsibility for their failure?

6 Answers

I would take responsibility as it is my concern to motivate and coach subordinates in a way that prepares them to complete given tasks.

It would depend on the failure in question.

As the Supervisor, it is your job to lead , educate and direct your employees. But the key is communication and follow up to ensure the assigned task were completed timely.

why do you want to be a supervisor

1 Answer

do you want to be a supervisor

1 Answer

Name a challenging situation you had with a guest and how you resolved it.

1 Answer

How much experience do you have in sales?

1 Answer

Time that team work got the job done, but what obstacles did you have to overcome.

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tell me a time when and give me an example of....they are looking to see if you can think on your feet, can handle any customer situation to a happy ending, Toot your own horn and be confident, they love that stuff. Have an answer or story for every situation remember product feature benefit, sell yourself.

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Tell me a time u went above and beyong

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Provide three characteristics that make you an ideal candidate for this position.

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What have YOU done for the home depot in addition to your job description duties?

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