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Did I do drugs?

1 Answer

In high school 3 times, marijuana

Would you report a co-worker if they took office supplies if they didn't have permission to do so?

1 Answer

They want to know about your Loyality, trustworthiness, dependablity, and honesty.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work in this field? How was your previous attitude at your last job

Various questions such as: 1 What would you do instances: Your dispatched to a domestic disturbance, your a single man unit and closest back up is 20 miles away. Do you handle the call? Wait for back up? Disregard the call going 10-7 (On Break)? 2 You have to work late, this is your fourth time this week. You only earn comp time with little chance to use it and forget being paid out right for it. Are you okay with this and what will your family feel about you being away so much? In general that kind of Q/A as well asking me if I had any questions for them.

1 Answer

basic questions, not really a hard interview. panel of three managers, in an interview room. asked questions and had limited time to answer.

Conflict resolution with a previous supervisor that disagreed on procedure.

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