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Cache transaction policy

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hey in how days did u get ur offer letter

How many ping pong balls can fit in this room?

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Asked to optimize a beam cross-section. Criticism of particular path we chose to pursue in a project at a prior job.

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Do you have any questions for us?

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I was asked a puzzle

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Tell me of a time when you had to switch directions on a project? How did it turn out?

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what is an FSM

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How is a multi-bit clock domain crossing typically handled in a digital design?

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There were many questions related to my Systems Engineering experience and my experience working with engineers in a fast-paced and challenging work environment. There were also several "puzzle" questions asked like <you have 81 coins, 80 of the coins weigh weight W1, the other coin weighs weight W2, and W2>W1, what is the most efficient way of finding coin W2?> or <you have 3 doors, a prize is behind one door, pick a door, I tell you one of the doors the prize is not behind, do you stay with your initial door selection or switch to the other door and why?>

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Tell me about yourself and what you want to do

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