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What is a fomal verification system

1 Answer

after the simulation when the schematic is made in the synthesis it is taken in parts and the logic verification is done thoroughly. it is different from gate level testing.

I was asked a trick question about writing the equation for Energy. But even though I only got it partially right the manager was impressed.

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Most of the questions are expected and easy and are related the job role.

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How to design a counter to count the rising/falling edge of a signals; how to use RTL to realize I2C EEPROM protocol.

What's the difference between blocking and non blocking assignments in verilog?

They asked me some questions about Digital Signal Processing which I was not quite aware of.

Write code in C to replace a particular character in a string with k other characters.

Write code to remove redundant spaces from a string in C

Nothing difficult- everything from the academics

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