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Group Interview: "What do you think of those jokers in Washington?" "If you had to pick one other person in this interview to work with, who would it be?" Technical Interview: "What's a switch?" "Are you familiar with VoIP?" "Difference between TCP/UDP?" Third interview: I had to walk manager through tying a shoe, without looking at her/what she was doing.

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As our technical support specialists work with customers on the phone, the "tying a shoe exercise" demonstrates the individual's ability to listen and visualize what the customer is doing on the other side of the phone. This exercise shows the candidate's approach: did they get flustered, stay calm, try again, try a different approach, listen effectively, remain patient,... Our technical interview allows us to determine where the candidate is in the process of technical ability, liken it to a ladder. Which rung of the ladder would you be placed on? This allows us to pattern our coaching and mentoring to assist inexperienced team members or interns, experienced individuals, or technical rock stars. We tailor our training to meet our employee's needs.

If you saw someone breaking the rules what would you do.

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"We are looking to start an Open Badge infrastructure for our new program. Are you familiar with Open Badges".

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Not difficult but was unexpected that the design specialists can make in-home appointments and close business from the customers' homes directly.

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How I get ideas

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What do you wanna be doing in 5-years and DON'T tell me working at NFP.

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"What would you do if you had more work than you can possibly complete, even if you put in extra hours?"

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Tell me about your process using design thinking.

Why do you want this position and what makes you different than anyone else applying.

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