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Graphic Designer I was asked...July 31, 2017

If I saw myself being happy with the low level of work.

2 Answers

My work will not being in a low level. But, If it was I will never being happy with the low of my level in work Less

I told them that I would likely want to increase my responsibilities in time.

The Tile Shop, Inc.

Why should we train you over the next 10 interviews I do today?

2 Answers

Quite an interesting story. I believe that there had to be something other than age as I was working with one individual at a different location who's age was early 60's. I'm glad to hear that you have found employment again. Not saying that the person that interviewed you was competent, but you cannot judge an entire company by one bad manager...If it was even the manager at all. I believe that if you had gone for the job again, the results would probably be different. Less

Cited proven experience that was not enough. This company does not have it together, thusly, the never ending terminations and hiring that is obvious by their never ending hiring ads. Incompetent interviewer. I suspect age discrimination also as my credentials were impeccable. Luckily went back to my old schtick and doing great in flooring sales and customer service Less

Dolphin Technology

Pass Transistor, Verilog latch Flipflop, etc, whatever is mentioned in previous reviews.

1 Answers

Interview: I think my answers were fine but Interviewers were not at all supportive, as if you are wasting their time. They will directly start asking you questions and if you give partly correct answers they won't provide any feedback or help to with your answer. Worst part was that they were extremely unprofessional. No doubt the company is so small considering the fact that it is 20 year old. The company is a single floor company with around 50 employees. While I had the interview scheduled, the interviewers were not there for around 20 minutes. Also, there was a wait period of 20 minutes between the two interviews I had. After the first interview itself, due to their not so good attitude, I had decided to not join the firm irrespective of the result. At first, I thought I am not answering up to the expectations, but it wasn't the case as my next interview in another company was very well received. NOTE: This kind of negative experience was experienced by another friend of mine. Less

Interior Systems

They asked if I was more of an artistic designer or really just liked technical work.

1 Answers

They were definitely looking for someone who was happy to be doing technical work all the time, which is fine but I answered honestly and said I enjoyed both aspects which may have been less appealing for that position. Less


When are you available for arriving to work in California?

1 Answers

Two weeks from a firm written salary amount inclusive with the types of benefits and relocation package attached with instructions on how to implement the standard rules of employment Less

Sargent & Lundy

do you like to work alone or in a group

1 Answers

i said alone, but she was like well we work in groups here is that a problem

Ulta Beauty


1 Answers


Ulta Beauty

What do you feel is your biggest challenge as a stylist??

1 Answers

I said timing.


How did your eagerness to explore play out when working on your projects?

1 Answers

The historic preservation project was a challenging project for me and was on a topic that I was not familiar with or had too much knowledge on, and so I explored deeper into the topic through rigorous research to help strengthen my understanding and overall design. Less


The one that I remember clearly because it amused me was "In the ADDIE process, which part is your favorite"

1 Answers

My answer was that I'm torn between the two D's, for they are my favorites.

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