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Electronic Systems
Desktop Tech L3 was asked...February 26, 2016

They asked for my salary requirements.

2 Answers

I deferred answering until the second interview with the Director.

You probably wanted to be paid close to industry standards, which ESI does not do. Trust me, them not offering you the position saved you a world of hurt. Us current employees consider you "one of the lucky ones" Less

Desktop Tech was asked...September 25, 2012

a lot of questions about sacrifice

1 Answers

he honest

Electronic Systems

Q: What was one thing that they asked you?

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)


What do you do when a computer is updating, suddenly shuts down, and then will not power on?

1 Answers

Hold the power button for 10-seconds to discharge the capacitors.


add tcp/ip printer

1 Answers

walk through the wizard on laptop

County of Santa Clara

How proficient are your skills in IT?

1 Answers

Tell the truth when asked about how proficient your skills are. If you say there is a subject you don't know much about but are willing to learn, you will score higher in the interview than if you try to fake your technical knowledge. We know when you aren't telling the truth. Don't be over confident, or under confident; provide an honest assessment of your skills. Less


What do you do if a users account is locked out constantly?

1 Answers

unlock in AD, check credential manager or keychain access for old passwords, check other devices that could have old password cached, etc. Less

Mill Creek Residential Trust

I was asked where I felt my strength lies and where my weaknesses are. I was also asked about what good customer service is to me.

1 Answers

I answered honestly and with full disclosure on where I felt my weaknesses are and also on what I consider to be good customer service. Overall I was asked some very though provoking questions. I enjoyed this interview very much. Less

Empire Life

The usual nonsensical HR questions such as "name a time when a negative situation turned out positive" and "what are your strengths and weaknesses" .

1 Answers

With the usual nonsensical HR approved scripted replies.


My usual difficult question, "describe your biggest weakness."

1 Answers

I had an oracle configuration issue . I did not know much on oracle configuration I did research and was able to fix it for the user and she was able to run the queries on excel i learnt from that time onwards Less

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