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Quicken Loans Interviews in Detroit /  HQ: Detroit, MI

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General Motors Interviews in Detroit /  HQ: Detroit, MI

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Meridian Health Plan Interviews in Detroit /  HQ: Detroit

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Interview Questions in Detroit

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Tell us about a time you worked in a diverse team, describe the task and the outcome.

1 Answer

choose an example that brings out your leadership skills. do not make it sound like you took al the work and no one else did nothing. they are looking for team players.

It wasn't really difficult. If you know the cookie cutter questions, you can easily walk through this interview. I have added a question when I interview people: What is your passion when it comes to business analysis? Why do you want to be one?

1 Answer

Do you know ERP solutions? If so, what is your experience in implementing and/or auditing them.

If you were so successful at your previous job why do you want coming here ?

2 Answers

What is a risk you have taken and failed?

2 Answers

When I asked for the payment they thought his was a very "unexpected" question. They asked me what it was for. When I reminded them of our agreement, they said, they never agreed to that. That told me more than enough about their operation. I see the other interviews here and I see a pattern.

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There is nothing like difficult part.

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questions involving the telephone circuits never seen or used before

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What is the difference between a Set and a List?

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What is your # 1 strength? weakness?

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