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The generic situation / reaction questions: if you were put in this type of sales situation, how would you react and/or change your sales approach.

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Don't over complicate it, don't be wordy.

yes, i change the dicsion in sale material and i come here in the material of this time.

How do you handle multiple interruptions at work?

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Would I be willing to take the job, work from home on my computer. I worked "remote" for almost all of my over nine years of employment.

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There was no really difficult or unexpected question. One question was about bad data in a batch job.

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What is the difference between Quality control and Quality assurance? Tell us about your experience with it.

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Run a 10min sales meeting with a potential client (pitch LinkedIn). You're given some brief context before the Batch Day interview via email, along with a few PPT's with more details regarding the recruitment solutions product, how to pitch a client, a sales checklist, etc. Presentation is given to your will-be manager and someone else.

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What's your process for de-stressing while you're at work? What do you do when you're stressed at work?

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What do you do when a supplier is your only resource for a product and wants to raise prices by 40%. Resourcing is not an option. You are being instructed to not take a price increase.

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I'm sorry, I'm not following very well. Tell me again about what you do now.

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