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Diagnostic medical sonographer Interview Questions


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They asked me what I thought my strongest skill as a sonographer was.

1 Answer

I told them my ability to picture what I was looking at before I saw it. If you know what your looking for and you know what normal is, then something that is abnormal will for sure pop out to you! I feel like being able to evaluate accurately, precisely and timely is so important!

When have you overcome something in life that made you succeed for your future?

1 Answer

Transparency. (plus four other words)

1 Answer

Describe yourself.

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What do you want to see in your supervisor?

1 Answer

What are your passions regarding scanning? Ex: abdomen, vascular, obgyn..

Name a time when you had a conflict with an employee. How did you resolve this conflict?

What are your strengths and weaknesses? What types of patients did you see in your past?

How do you feel about working with a difficult Radiologist?

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