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Dialysis rn Interview Questions


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How do you handle difficult situations?

3 Answers

If you are interested in working for this company I think you have the job.

I handle difficult situations from a multifaceted approach. I don’t rush into making a decision about a situation unless it’s an emergency. If it’s an emergency I use the knowledge I have obtained to make the right decisions for the best possible outcome. If I have time to analyze the situation I take into account pros and cons to every possible solution then make my decision based on my results.

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How do you deal with a co-worker who is not pulling his weight?

2 Answers

Will you be OK with part-time work?

1 Answer

What is your biggest weakness and your biggest strength? What do you bring to the job that would help me fill my "family" opening?

1 Answer

Why did you choose to apply to dialysis as a first job.

1 Answer

Didn't really have any hard-ball questions. I was actually a little surprised by that. Again though that's luck of the draw on who the hiring manager is.

1 Answer

are you flexible in regard to your schedule

1 Answer

Why do you want to work for Davita??

1 Answer

As a team leader, how would you lead your team

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