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Dietitian Interview Questions

"When hiring dietitians, employers are looking for candidates with the educational background and certification to properly advise patients as well as the people skills to handle hesitant or difficult clients. In an interview, expect to be quizzed on your knowledge of healthy nutrition and your ability to advise patients that refuse to make alterations to their diets. Be aware that in order to practice, all dietitians must pass a national registration exam."

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If I can remember, How would I deal with a difficult patient was a question. I had never been asked this before, I gave them my honest answer even if it sounded woo-woo.

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Probably said I would give them a lot of love, patience and listen to them then discuss with staff/team to resolve. (working there I became known for wanting the difficult ones!)

comment I think since she got hired that is something the interviewer wanted to hear I would probably say something along those lines and add that I also follow the golden rule to give the upmost quality and service

How much renal dietitian experience do you have?

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Describe who you are?

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The experience factor in Renal Dietetics is difficult for most Dietitians. You have to be clear on each involvement to build up credibilty.

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1) Tell me about one of your success stories 2) I am your client, lets do a counseling session

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Knowing what you know about the job so far, what would you not like about the job?

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How would you deal with an 80 year old Resident who had Diabetes Type 2, and ate desert after dinner most of her life.

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Describe where you see yourself in 10 years?

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