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Digital Communications Manager was asked...May 2, 2018

Tell me about a campaign you created/worked on that went wrong.

3 Answers

This was in relation to a creative idea being received in the wrong way - I hadn't actually experienced this, specifically, so I drew upon other work experiences where things hadn't gone to plan. Less

We appreciate the feedback and always strive to improve our processes! We encourage you to reach out to the recruiter that you worked with during the process to help us. Please reach out to me directly if you would like to discuss further! Less

Thanks for your note, Kathryn - I didn't work with a recruiter but rather went through internal HR at InLinkUK, who I followed up with several times following the interviews, however, I never received a response. Less

Vail Resorts

What do you know about the company?

1 Answers

Tell me about yourself?

Carnegie insitution for Science

What kind of experience do you have managing websites and social media?

1 Answers

I detailed my experience with website and social media management.

DS Smith

When did you face a challenge and how did you overcome it?

1 Answers

I cannot remember

Program for Early Parent Support

What does it mean to you for an organization to have a commitment to racial equity?

1 Answers

Make job descriptions accessible and skills-based hiring.

The Emirates Group

How would you know that the digital change you make to the web site would make a positive difference?

1 Answers

I suggested that before we publish any changes that we would test the change with a selected audience group and we would use different means of testing e.g. A/B testing. Less


Tell me a time when you’ve had to improve a relationship at work?

1 Answers

I created a scenario similar to ‘Living Leader’ a course we’d been on to understand their character, motivation and values to be able to work more closely with them in the future Less

United Nations Foundation

What publications do you read and think that we should try to emulate?

1 Answers

Teen Vogue, Rolling Stones--those publications with long-form stories in there.

ideaMACHINE studio

A question that I found particularly noteworthy: If money wasn't an object, and you could do anything you wanted for the rest of your life, what would it be? This tells me that they care about if their employees find real satisfaction in what they do. In a world where most work jobs solely for money, it is refreshing to be in an environment where they care about adding to your life as a whole.

1 Answers

I said that I'd travel the world and create mixed media art from my photography of the world. I love photoshop, and I love creating something new. Art is meditative, I'd be happy to do it for the rest of my life. Less

Athens Land Trust

tell me about your experience during your undergraduate studies

1 Answers

how will this internship benefit you?

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