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Create a 8 input AND gate using 3 4:1 muxes

8 Answers

Without an enable bit on at least one of the mux's the maximum inputs would be 7.

Not so. You only need 2 4:1 muxes. Have the output of the first be the select to the second. 8 input and gate.

tie 3 0's to the three inputs of initial 2 4x1 mux, the 3rd input be an actual input, 2 sel be 2 inputs. feed the output of the results of the two muxes as sel to the 3rd mux and tie the last inputs to actual inputs and top two inputs to 0's.

How Sense Amplifier works.

3 Answers

amplifier sizing

2 Answers

So tell me about you? Why do you want to work at Netlist?

2 Answers

Given integers from 0-100 stored in an array of size 100 how will you find the missing number? Numbers are randomly entered in the array.

2 Answers

metastability in design

2 Answers

Verilog question with additional requirements. Design a FSM providing fibonacci sequence with enable and reset. Output should be immediate.

2 Answers

Design a variable size decoder in Verilog.

3 Answers

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What is MOESI?

2 Answers

How to cope with asynchronous input or signals transferred between clock domains?

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