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Questions based of IC compiler and design compiler.

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They asked me about specific digital architecture questions that giving my experience they thought I could answer.

Phone Screening: - Digital design fundamentals, CDC, Verification fundamentals, questions related to coursework, Analog fundamentals, and finally some take home problems that I answered within 24 hours. On Site Interviews: Highly technical rounds - Pattern detection, FSM, LSFR related questions, some mathematical questions, extremely tough digital circuits questions, projects in depth, questions based upon what the resume describes, synchronizers, STA, synthesis in detail, constraint handling, physical design fundamentals. Some analog circuits and lots of CDC questions.

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Explain the sequence of events from the time a key is pressed on a keyboard to a character appearing on the monitor.

How to design a two stage band-gap amplifier

Mostly on digital design like what is CDC and what are the stops to solve them. Some questions focused on DSP concepts like a transceiver architecture, IIR and FIR filters, their relative advantages, disadvantages etc.

Write the VHDL or Verilog code for a given state machine diagram.

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