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What is your management style?

1 Answer

I believe in giving my employees free rein to do their jobs, until they mess up. If they need additional training, I provide it to them, or get someone who knows the job better than I do to train them.

Tell me about a time when you had a problem, how you resolved it and what was the outcome.

it was all standard. The online assesment was a little annoying and the fact that HR had no clue abouth the position when they did the phone interview should have given me a sign.

Behavioral interviewing questions...all very specific and unfortunately, asking essentially the same thing worded differently.

If you are married, what are you waiting to start having kids?

1 Answer

Nothing really hard during the interview. There was one "move mount Fuji" sort of question, and a couple questions that seemed to dig for process detail.

An intricate software question regarding solving different math problems.

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