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Digital Marketing & Social Media Officer was asked...May 8, 2018

What experience do you have in marketing?

13 Answers

Between the age of 14 and 17 I volunteered I’m football and did a lot of social media and posters because I was good at it. This gives me the knowledge to increase your following and better analytics overall. I explained my personality and why I would suit a 8:30 to 4:30 day with events on at the weekend. Less

i want play porn maybe help me ? i like this job

Yes I want play porn I interested I like very I am young age and I am from Pakistan please contact with me my number 03117977424 please Less

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Why Nickelodeon? / What is your favorite Nick show

5 Answers

Nickelodeon is a fast growing channel in Kenya. Many teenagers love the shows on Nickelodeon including me. My favourite show is Henry danger. Less

I want to be an actor at nickelodeon and my favourite show is danger force 🙋🙋🙋😳😳 Less

Please l have whated to work with nickelodeon for alone time please hire me for nickelodeon and my favourite show is danger force please contact me on 0270554791 Thank you for your love time Less

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Why do you think you would suit this role?

5 Answers

I would suit this role because of my passion, having played football since I was 3, and with my knowledge in social media and marketing, it’s a very fit role for myself. Less



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University of Cambridge

How would you speak to a civil servant?

2 Answers

"The same way I'm speaking to you now. I've worked with many of them before and they're normal people like anyone else." (This was very clearly not the sort of answer they were expecting!!) Less

It would depend on the civil servant (a police officer? MP? The Queen?) and what the conversation is about (the weather? Public housing? Are you getting arrested?). I would start it formal (but pleasant and smiling) and let him/her guide the tone. Less


Please describe your experience with digital media.

2 Answers

I graduated from Master's degree in media design. And I have working experience in a service planning and UI design. Less

I graduated from Master's degree in media design. And I have working experience in a service planning and UI design. Less

Intel Corporation

What do you see as the current trend of PC gaming?

2 Answers

PC gaming is on the rise again due to cloud computing which decreases the need of hardware upgrades for gamers. Less

^^ computing isn't the trend of PC gaming. Every enthusiast knows that the bandwidth associated with streaming gameplay is far too high to get any sort of decent visual quality. Visual quality is also the reason why PC gamers aren't console gamers and hence cloud computing isn't the future. A far better answer would have been that gaming is just now starting to rely less and less on the cpu and more on the gpu for everything from texture rendering to physics computations. PC gaming as a whole is also starting to shift to mobile platforms and embedded web-browser games (like Farmville). Less


Why do you want to work at ESPN?

2 Answers

To prepare, I spent a lot of time on the websites analyzing what content was present and spending time gathering my thoughts on why and how things could be better. I also spent a considerable amount of time reading criticisms of various ESPN initiatives and approaches to see what other people were thinking. I also watched and read a lot of content from the perspective of analyzing it for style and what brands it as "ESPN". For about ten days, I just immersed myself in everything I could get my hands on, including media kits and other websites like Front Row and the DMA blog. I hope that helped. Less

How did you spend time preparing? What did you go over?


How many jelly beans fit in a basketball? — Asked by a recruiter.

2 Answers

I froze up at this question. My friend later told me I should have asked something like: Is this a NBA-sized basketball? Less

A basketball is a hollow sphere. Say the radius of the basketball is e.g. 5 inches (I think it's actually 4.5 inches but the 5 will make calculations easier). V = 4/3 pi r^3 = 4/3 * pi *125 = 500/3 * pi So approximately 500 cubic inches (let pi = 3, then the 3 cancels out). Now consider a jelly bean. Assume the jelly bean is cylindrical. It has a radius of say 0.5 inches and height of 1 inch. V = 1 * pi * .25^2 V = 1/16 * pi Approximately 1/4. Then number of jellbeans = Volume Sphere / Volume Cylinder = 500 / (1/4) = 500 * 4 = 2000. Less


What is CTR?

1 Answers

Click Through Rate and I explained how to properly modify your campaign to achieve a better CTR. Less


This may sound silly, but "What do you like to do for fun" is a tough question sometimes. You don't want to sound boring, but you also don't want to reveal too much.

1 Answers

Exercising, training for half-marathons, spending time with friends, participating in charity events (all of which are obviously true, but the interviewer didn't seem to like that answer) Less

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