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What is your dream career in the digital industry?

They first ask you about Broadcast standards. They want to know if you are familiar with the technical specs of the content you will be dealing with and then ask about your experience with the position you are applying for. They then like to talk about you to get a gauge on your personality to see if you are good fit as a person. One of the last things they ask is if you have any questions for them because they like to see people who are willing to step up and take initiative with interacting back.

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If it takes 5 machines 5 minutes to make 5 widgets, how many minutes does it take 500 machines to make 500 widgets?

Tell us about yourself? Mostly Behavioral questions

What programs are you most efficient in?

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What accounts have you worked on?

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What strategies did you use on your accounts?

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Advice: Look up the three MIT math brainteasers that determine your intuitiveness (although you might be able to answer them in an interview, they are looking for someone who is that sharp on all matters)

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