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How many jelly beans fit in a basketball? — Asked by a recruiter.

2 Answers

I froze up at this question. My friend later told me I should have asked something like: Is this a NBA-sized basketball?

A basketball is a hollow sphere. Say the radius of the basketball is e.g. 5 inches (I think it's actually 4.5 inches but the 5 will make calculations easier). V = 4/3 pi r^3 = 4/3 * pi *125 = 500/3 * pi So approximately 500 cubic inches (let pi = 3, then the 3 cancels out). Now consider a jelly bean. Assume the jelly bean is cylindrical. It has a radius of say 0.5 inches and height of 1 inch. V = 1 * pi * .25^2 V = 1/16 * pi Approximately 1/4. Then number of jellbeans = Volume Sphere / Volume Cylinder = 500 / (1/4) = 500 * 4 = 2000.

What do you see as the current trend of PC gaming?

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Why do you want to work in Advertising

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What motivates you?

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Why Do you Want to Work at MediaCom?

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Also asked if I knew about SEO, I did, because I had seen this acronym in the job description and researched it.

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Digital Media: Do you think AMC should pursue web series? (something along the lines of that)

Asked a broad question about their company NCI, which is made up of a lot of smaller companies. I guess someone who didn't do their research would get tripped up on this one

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