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The questions weren't difficult. They were mundane, badly structured and provide no insight into the skills or the person they are interviewing. But one surprising question was "How would you fit into a family where there are many couples and family members who work here together (can you say nepotism?)?" Like I said, it was stupid.

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I worked for a very successful medium size family owned company for several years and found it to be a very positive experience. When a family member recommended to a relative to apply for a position within the same company, it was a strong indication that they enjoyed their career and wished other family members to experience the same. When the company I worked for sold in 2010 to financial investors this practice stopped.

What skills can you bring to the position you're applying for?

How can we get more Facebook likes?

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Please describe your experience with digital media.

I was shown Spectrum's website and asked how I would improve it to drive customer conversion. I was also shown some examples of clients' websites and asked to do the same.

Did you set and measure KPI's? (which was something I said I did in my initial overview of my resume and it says it in my resume.... so, the recruiter obviously was reading off a check list and not listening to my answers)

Why are you leaving your current position?

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