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DOO asked how I would deal with a difficult member of a team.

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I explained a good producer manages people and the project, but that it is outside the responsibility of a producer to reprimand someone who is not his/her direct report. She disagreed and came of as displeased for the remainder of the interview.

If someone asked me this, I would say that first I would define the obstacles, define our mission, engender trust and collaboration and move forward with appropriate acknowledgement.

Having been to medical school four years including a psych rotation, I would diagnose the team member's illness and give them love. Love is a pheromone, you get it from any adult male donor's face. Rub that donor face with the fresh, new, un-chewed, chewing gum, collect about 200mg (15 pieces of Wrigley's Sugarless chewing gum) and give them the gum to chew. Their mental health issues will resolve in 8 seconds. Of course, you could just B.S. around like the ignoramuses suggest, too.

Ideal Salary.

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Where do you see yourself in 5 years

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I've heard your current company is losing everyone - are you just jumping ship too?

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Specifics of past work in digital?

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All of the questions were pretty standard interview questions... nothing surprising.

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Code an HTML / CSS page from a PSD. Writing sample too.

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What do you know about E.W. Scripps Company? Why this job? What are your salary expectations? How flexible are you in your salary expectations because we can't come anywhere near that?

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What are your weaknesses

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Are you christian?

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