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Why is this job right for you?

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You must have talked to the same person I did, lol!

Interview in person & call with SVP. Local team was very warm, welcoming and professional. SVP displays inflated ego, sarcasm with a condescending tone. The entire experience and my perception of the organization was positive up until that point. In retrospect it's easy to see why this company has poor ratings and high turnover. the culture appears to be tainted by an individual that demonstrates behaviors equal to a poor manager vs. true leader. i.e., "this is my company", "I run this place. I could tell by the questions that the SVP leverages 1:1 time to gain outside perspective and intel to the point where it felt always to me, almost as if he was undermining his own leadership team. Overall, I was disappointed in myself for allowing it to go any further once I realized this company was not a good fit. Recommendation: Depends on your personality and moral compass.

We discussed sports. I asked for information about the daily routine, job specs etc. Smoke and careful. It's a bait and switch.

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What does IBM stand for?

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They asked how I handle rejections in the sales process.

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They asked why I thought I was a good sales person and what made me qualified for the job.

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Would you prefer outside sales or inside sales?

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That would be the first, second and third question in the video interview

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I was taken to lunch by two Managers. I thought it was a thank you for paying to fly myself in for the interviews. Not only did I not get to eat my lunch but I was downloaded for leads and contacts from my previous job. I asked the female manager what she was doing on her iPhone and she said she was entering new leads. OMG. These people weren't out to hire me they just wanted to use me for information. I had already had five interviews that day and four or five before I even came to town. This was the most blazon and outwardly low class thing to do.

After we went to lunch, the female manager received a phone call from the "big boss" whom I had also interviewed with earlier. They were to bring me back to the office to be given an assignment. I was given an assignment to prepare a sales discovery call and provide a powerpoint using my "current employers product line" to show my selling skills. I left the office and decided that it was not only insulting after all I had already done to show the team I was valuable but then to ask me to give them proprietary information about my current employer showed me exactly who I was dealing with. I did not give them the information.

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