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What would you do if a client refuses medication?

3 Answers

never force or trick a client into doing anything.

You can only offer a explanation of why they should take their medication but thats all you can do. You cannot force adults to do what they do not want to do (whether they have a disability or not) . Refusing to take their medication is their personal choice and they have the right to deny it just like any other adult. A person refusing to take their medication will have to learn the consequences of not taking it. *Bottom line, you have no control over adults they have the right to choose what they want/dont want to do.

If a client refuses medication you are not able to force the client to take it. How ever you can ask twice and if refuse again I believe it should be taken up with a higher person, some one that can help assist you with the client.

How can you help the agency

1 Answer

what experience do you bring

1 Answer

interview went pretty good, was asked if you were employed anywhere else if so, the company had to be priority due to the demands of the job, shift changes, etc, so be clear about your availability.

1 Answer

No official questions, just when can you work

1 Answer

are you ok with changing people

1 Answer

The questions were not noticeably difficult or unexpected; the interviewer was very personable and forthcoming about what the organization is seeking in its staff. A thoughtful question was " tell me about a time when you did not agree with a coworker, and how you handled it" - there are many of these example type questions.

1 Answer

Are you afraid of working with people with mental instabilities?

1 Answer

The tour was abruptly cut short, and we headed back to administration. I was asked what my schedule looked like for the rest of the day, and if I could come back before 7pm - for the interview. So....essentially, I was interviewed to see if I could come back for an interview.

1 Answer

Do you have any previous experience?

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