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Why do you want this job?

2 Answers

I was told by the interviewer all about how difficult and demanding the job was, and I was then asked in an almost perplexed way why it was I would even want the job. This is to make sure you know what you are getting into and they can be sure you will rise to meet the challenges. Tactic to weed out the unsure that may be a waste of their training expenses. Be confident. This is a job where the harder you work - the more you make, so be sure to emphasize that you understand that and are motivated to make the most you can for you and possibly your family.

i can do it

Given the words, "Fun, Money, Advancement" place them in order.

1 Answer

If you don't sell anything for 1, now 2, now 3 days, what should you do?

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Most of the questions for tell me a time when type questions... The one that through me off was. Give me 3 reasons why I should hire you. (Do not sell why, short answers)

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Name a time you had to deal with a situation in which yo had to handle a conflict with a coworker?

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Why do you want to sell door to door?

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Give us 3 reasons why you should be hired.

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Which is more important to you, making a lot of money or enjoying your hobby?

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Let's say you've made 3 sales for the day and you've still got almost 4 hours left on the clock, (be honest) would you text your Sup the good news then go home or would you keep working?

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Explain a situation in which you had to overcome ethical obstacles in your former company?

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