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Direct Sales Representative DSR was asked...May 24, 2013

Most of the questions for tell me a time when type questions... The one that through me off was. Give me 3 reasons why I should hire you. (Do not sell why, short answers)

3 Answers

Single word descriptive answers

I am eager to make money Capable of working long hours Enjoy working with people Less

I'm what you've looking for in candidate I can bring changes to your company and go above and beyond. Less


Why do you want this job?

2 Answers

i can do it

I was told by the interviewer all about how difficult and demanding the job was, and I was then asked in an almost perplexed way why it was I would even want the job. This is to make sure you know what you are getting into and they can be sure you will rise to meet the challenges. Tactic to weed out the unsure that may be a waste of their training expenses. Be confident. This is a job where the harder you work - the more you make, so be sure to emphasize that you understand that and are motivated to make the most you can for you and possibly your family. Less


what was one of my goals

2 Answers

Fund 401 k and grandson college

I wanted to buy a house


If you don't sell anything for 1, now 2, now 3 days, what should you do?

2 Answers

Reach out to a co-worker and ask for advice.

Review training information to ensure you're taking the correct steps.


Explain a situation in which you had to overcome ethical obstacles in your former company?

1 Answers

gave an experience of a situation encountered at previous employer and how I overcame that. I made sure not to take too long to explain this or fish around for an answer like my fellow interview competitor did. Less

Can you Sell me this pen? What are the duties and responsibilities of a DSR?

1 Answers

You just Google it

Suddenlink Communications

Why do you want this job.

1 Answers

Truthfully I did a little research on the company and used that in my answer.

Kenya Commercial Bank

Tell us about yourself. What do you bring to the table?

1 Answers

I am an experienced sales representative who possesses a great attention to detail as well as a high work ethics. A s a brand ambassador for Safaricom plc, I have helped the cpompany to boost its overall productivity in my area of specialization as well as gain adequate experience. I look forward to joining a more fast-paced working environment with more responsibility to help me exploit my potential further. If you employ me, be assured of innovative marketing strategies that will further help the company achieve its set objectives. Less

Salamander Technologies

Are you sure you want this job? It requires hours and hours of cold calling and networking.

1 Answers

No, I don’t.

Mediacom Communications

Why is this company even in business in California? They are getting creamed by the competition. Local management has expressed surprise that they still have a job. They have very low customer penetration and most prospective customers hate them and will never come back.

1 Answers

Possibly a tax write off for some of their other more profitable systems back East? Less

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