Direct support professional Interview Questions

Direct support professional Interview Questions

Direct support professional Interview Questions

Direct support professionals carry out a variety of tasks on the job. Interviewers want to make sure you're a well-rounded individual who is capable of doing everything from keeping patients safe, to keeping records, to assisting clients with activities of daily living. Prepare to answer questions about your organization skills, people skills, and how you stay motivated.

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Top Direct Support Professional Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top direct support professional interview questions and how to answer them:

Question #1: How do you handle frustrating situations with a client?

How to answer: Working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities can be challenging. Interviewers want to make sure you're up for the challenge and capable of handling stressful situations, while also maintaining a personable and professional demeanor.

Question #2: Can you talk about your experience as a direct support professional?

How to answer: No two clients are the same, but your work experience may be able to help employers determine if you're the right fit for their position. You may have to help adults with personal care or prepare meals on the job. Talk about your experience completing these tasks and highlight your skill set.

Question #3: Why do you want to be a direct support professional with our company?

How to answer: This question allows you the opportunity to talk about your knowledge of the company and your motivation behind your career choice. You can talk about how you're a good fit for the position because you have strong communication skills, you're passionate about helping others, and you're well-organized.

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Compass Residential & Consulting
Direct Support Professional was asked...May 9, 2012

Why did you choose this kind of work?

2 Answers

I chose to work with people that have disabilities because I love working with people where I can help them better enjoy their life and watch them progress toward achieving their goals. Less

I choose this kind of work because I have a passion for caring for individuals that have special needs and I love working with them when I can see them progressing to their goals and knowing I helped them with that. Less


Note that we're generally supposed to eat the same or similar food as the individuals do, and DSPs cook meals in the programs . . . "If one of your coworkers made some chicken for dinner and it was rather dry (too dry to eat), what would you do?"

3 Answers

I'd ask my new coworker if anyone has ever tried letting the residents help prepare their own meals. If not, but it was a possibility, then I'd see if my coworker would be opposed to letting me give it a try. I love cooking and I think that the residents should be learning to live their lives as independently as possible; I would not mind at all teaching them this skill. Less


I answered that I'd add some sauce or something to add moisture. I believe the point of the question was to see if we could creatively problem-solve (with food or other things) in the moment. Less


Why do you want the position of direct support professional?

3 Answers

My life experience has given me not only the desire but the patience and understanding to pursue helping others. This job would be one of my first step towards pursing career as a professional social worker, but it would not be my first time reaching back when others reach out to me. This job would give me the chance to take something that is important to me and take it to the next level. Less

I’ve always had a heart for helping others, since a little girl I was raised to care about others, especially people who need a little extra help than others. This field of healthcare has always been what I gravitated towards. I love the clients/residents and their families, their families become your families even though the pay isn’t that great most times, the lives I get to impact is the best reward in the end. Less

I would like this position because I do enjoy working with clients and being able to see them reach their goals and hopefully make an impact on their lives. I’ve always had a heart for helping others, especially ones that could use more help than others. Less

Harry Meyering Center

What would you do if you took a client out to eat and the waitress ignored the client, only asking you what your client would want to eat?

2 Answers

I'd act humorously confused at the question to not offend her and demonstrate socially responsible behavior, and then I'd make the situation more relaxed by starting up a casual conversation with the person I am eating with. I would say something like "Man Billy, what do you want?? Last time we were here I think you talked about that dinner for weeks." If the person needed communication supports, then I would teach the waitress how to interact with a repeat customer by demonstrating how Billy and I communicate to each other. Less

Basically say how you would try to get the client involved into the conversation, without causing a scene. EX: "Well I'll have the chicken fingers. Billy, can you tell the waitress what you want?" Less

Compass Residential & Consulting

What can you bring to our company?

2 Answers

I believe it can bring my positive and caring attitude and skills towards this workplace. And my abilities to be patient and empathize with the clients when appropriate. Less

I can bring my ability to empathize with others and my understanding of people to this company that would have a great, positive impact on impact with the consumers I would work with. Less

RHA Health Services

How would you handle a situation if you were hit

3 Answers

I would call supervisor stay calm and get help from other staff if know one is around for help video what's going on Less

I've been trained in non-contact support. In my experience though no one likes to be hit it had helped and proven to prevent from taking it personal when I maintain the mindset that the client (s) are dealing with trauma, addiction, etc. No recovery is typically pretty however being able to travail with clients pays off in the long run Less

I would go let my supervisor know when it happen.

Disability Support of the Great Plains

What would would you do if a client became physically abusive to you?

2 Answers

Try to calm them by staying in a non-threatening posture and tone of voice, and maintain a safe distance between you and the client. Ask them why they are angry with you. Stop the offensive behavior, but if that does not work, try to get another staff member to help. Less

I would try to remove the client from the situation if they were in a group at the time. Then I would try to calm down (ask for help if needed) and try to figure out what the trigger was and talk to them in a nice tone of voice. Less

Partnerships in Community Living

If you could be a type of car, what would you be?

2 Answers

Mini Cooper - small, sporty, but practical. It was a stupid answer haha.

A Prius. I use resources efficiently during idle time. And, I have reliable energy reserved for when it is really needed. I may need gas on occasion, but I can always be counted on to be recharged and operational in a pinch. Less

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health

Describe what you would do if you were with clients on a trip and one client decided to go AWOL

2 Answers

Always stay with the kids that didn't go awol. Call a supervisor, call police. Give the police last known description, which direction the client awol'd toward. Do not leave the clients that are with you. Once you have spoken to the police in person, notify supervisor. Supervisor will give you further instructions. Most likely is come back to campus/group home. Less

I would immediately call a supervisor, get the other kids to safety and then begin to go look for the client who went AWOL. Less


How would you handle dealing with a co-worker who was rushing a client and not doing their job properly?

1 Answers

in writing I was asked to set-up the situation and detail how I would hanlde it.

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