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Data Product Manager was asked...January 25, 2021

Asked about my compensation expectations

1 Answers

That I didn't though about it yet


Irrelevant questions for this position . Looks like they had no clue what to ask

1 Answers

I tried level best to answer all questions however it was not relevant for this position. Less


Have you prepared from academics to a startup company?

1 Answers

I really don't expect such question so I didn't quite know how to answer it. I said that I have the passion. Less

Granite Telecommunications

What do you know about telecom, have you ever worked in telecom

1 Answers

T1 circuits and broadband


Usual interview questions: In 5 mins, why are you the best candidate for this position? Why Sennder? What are you looking for?

1 Answers

Study case questions showed a deep understanding of the role of Product Manager: what metrics would you use to measure the success of this product? How would you measure user engagement? How would you describe the computation of this KPI to a data analyst? How do you prioritize between urgent needs and long term evolutions? Less


Example of leadership in a time of crisis

1 Answers

Gave example of turning around a critical issue into a positive outcome for programme team and steering group Less


Why this company? How would you ensure a delivered product would be successful?

1 Answers

I'm interested in FreshBooks because I see this as a product and service that helps provide so much value to small businesses. At the end of the day it helps people in need to help them succeed in their endeavours. Doing incremental analysis on delivered products help to measure its success. Dividing customers in an analysis group and control group can help to understand the different engagement metrics between the two groups. If there's a significant change between the groups, then we can use the output to evaluate the degree of success of implementation. Less


what is your elevator pitch?

1 Answers

Highlighting the strengths framed 2 statements aligned to the role


The question that caught me by surprise in a phone interview was directly asking what salary I was looking for.

1 Answers

I gave them a number then asked what they were offering.... let's just say it wasn't a match. In future I would be better prepared for that question and just say "I have an idea what the average rate of pay for this job title is - what were you thinking of offering?" Less


How would you respond to someone telling you that your experience was not good enough?

1 Answers

Hello, as an MS employee I have created an interview prep guide for Microsoft interviews, based on my and my colleagues' recent interview experiences. The guide has questions you should expect along with our answers that got us into Microsoft. You can find it here: (please do not forget to also look at the reviews at the bottom of that page). Thanks and good luck! Ryan Less

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