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Wolters Kluwer
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis was asked...August 10, 2010

In an environment of layoffs and restructuring, how do you keep your team motivated?

4 Answers

Be open and honest if their roles are in jeopardy. Understand their concerns and answer their questions as best you can. If you do not know, say so. Keep them busy, and involved in important work. Less

Mo on g ok ok lfNikki

Stay positive, and focus on the work at hand. Keeping busy on important work helps people realize what they are doing is important. An ideal mind is the devil's.... well, you know the old saying. Be sure the physical environment is welcoming. In summer, raise the blinds, clean the common areas of papers and clutter. You will be amazed how much better things look when you take 10 short minutes a day to make the physical environment look better. The sun is out, blue skies, and maybe it's not so bad here. Let people vent. If you are not holding 1-on-1 meetings, then start. Hear people out. Be honest about what you can talk about. Don't sugar coat anything, but give those more junior to you some context and a bigger view. Sure some people will be laid off, but most will remain. Opportunity to do different things will become available. Sure you will work harder, but you will learn, growth, and build your reputation for having a level head in complex times. Lastly, have a plan. Know what you will do as a manager if you have to layoff 1,2 or 3 people. Know how the work will move around. This will allow you act quickly and decisively should things come to that. Having a manager who looks in charge because they already thought it through will go a long way. Less

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Blackhawk Network

Case study, variance analysis what would you do if net sales forecast for next year would increase by certain amount? what driver would you look at

1 Answers

Ensure you understand the products or services being sold first by asking the interviewer questions. This is to demonstrate you establish facts first . Typically it’ll be volumes or margin. Compare to historic trend or seasonal aspects of not convinced ask business for information as it could be initiatives driven. Less


What KPI's do you use?

1 Answers

List of KPI's and applications?

I was asked about my experience with succession planning.

1 Answers

I told them I had experience helping business owners transitioning their company ownership to their sons/daughters. Less

Fci Usa

Reporting experience

1 Answers

Gave examples of reporting in last position,

W. R. Grace & Co.

Background, skills, strengths and value add. Typical interview questions although the first interviewer started with college and initial job experience.

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Directly to the point of the questions

Northwestern Mutual

How do you utilize any slow periods or downtime at the office

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I believe that every office operates more efficiently if everyone has had some sort of hands on experience with all the different tasks assigned to each employee. I am a firm believer in cross training and teamwork. This way when some employees call in sick, everyone knows a little bit ablut each job to come together and perform tasks as a collective, making better use of the time being clocked Less

Palo Alto Networks

What do you want to be doing in five years?

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I would like to continue to acquire skill in new areas in order to advance my career in the field of corporate finance. Less

Discovery, Inc.
FP&A Director was asked...September 23, 2018

What are the metrics you would use to analyze the business?

1 Answers

Number of subscribers, subscriber demographics etc.


How my background fit

1 Answers

I told them I was working in this space long before they were

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