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I found that there was no clarity on what is the role and responsibilities, the interview was focused solely on modelling, and what type of advanced models we can implement to the business for marketing purposes. This was an interview more aligned to a senior modeller / data scientist than a director of analytics.

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They grow very fast and it seems that they run before they think and it looks like there is a miss-match on what they think they want, with what they expect.

I was asked different brain teasers and random statistical questions. Tell me about some non-normal distributions.

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What is the most proud accomplishment? What are the difficulties I overcame during my career? How do I see myself in 5 years? Is it Ok if the title will be lesser than current? What are my criterions of finding the best employees? Which environment is best matches my style of management?

We have these 3 different sources of data, how would you work with them and derive insights from them? All behavioral and experience based questions

There was a business case regarding contact options and corresponding collection rates.

Describe the output of a typical performance attribution report and explain to me how one might evaluate a manager based on this report?

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What are you doing to keep up your skills in the industry?

Can you tell me about your self? No discussion of the analytics best practices. Interviewers were not qualified. While we all know it is a good bank, its reputation for analytics and data driven marketing is not good. Stay away from this bank if you are coming from a tech company or other more data science driven companies. They don't get it and their Recruiters are not good at steering the process toward the right decisions. This is a great place for Sales people and reporting execs but not data scientists and technical professionals.

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