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Can you meet the hiring manager in 3 hours?

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Wow, they really sound very disorganized & disrespectful. I reckon you would have hated working for them, doesn't sound like they could be good with their clients!

Yes, I found the leadership at BI to be quite unorganized, there always seems to be firedrills with unhappy clients, count your blessings you didn't take a job with them.

This is a great information to have about this company. Thanks for posting this.

How would you overcome a client's dissappointment if the products and services you were to offer did not meet their expectations and did not want to pay for products or services rendered?

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What would I do on the job in my first 90-180 days?

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Why do you think you could do this job?

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Be prepared for a CIDS style interview i.e. Chronological In-Depth Structured interview. This requires you to answer the same series of questions for everything listed on your resume and application. I was asked questions starting from high school to my current position (spanning the last 15 years of my life). The CIDS style also requires you to rate your previous supervisors by describing their strengths and weaknesses. You will also be asked to list and explain your own strengths and weaknesses.

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my understanding of the different innovation companies and where Fahrenheit was unique.

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How I know the difference between a good idea and an average idea, and what method I use to evaluate this.

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Unexpected question on providing direct manager reference.

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Job/Work experience.

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I was asked how I would work with staff as a team?

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