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Director of Information Technology Operations Interview Questions


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Have you handled major systems replacements and worked to manage several other projects at the same time to ensure interoperability.

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I have experience in this area so I answered with examples. You will need to have experience PMing multiple medium/large projects simultaneously for this kind of role here.

Tell us about a time when you were incredibly proud to either put your name on your work or when you truly excelled at something. It could be a work story, a sports story, a school story, or a personal story. Tell us the story – what the situation was, what you did, and how you felt.*

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Describe how you handle stressful and difficult situations.

What weakness do you feel can become a benefit and why?

Nothing really stands out, it was more of a management style and technical exposure set of conversations. I did not feel like I was being interviewed as much as I felt like I was having moderate technical conversations with stakeholders.

There will be some and more so the higher up the chain you go. Nothing specific that I can recall though.

Can you start a week earlier?

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I don't recall any particular questions that stood-out. Overall, it was a highly-engaging and candid series of conversations covering my experience, hypothetical situations, state of the business operations, etc. At every stage, I was made to feel welcome and at ease. On the whole, it was a very professional, transparent and positive interview experience.