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What were some of your biggest challenges in dealing with difficult clients and how did you overcome them?

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Clients disgruntled because their were errors on their ads. sometimes it's the publishers fault, but many times it can be the clients error. I always remain calm, let the person speak, really listen, and then they usually calm down. At that point I assure them that we'll make it right. I explain that I will research the situation to find the best possible solution. I make them feel valued and treat their situation as top priority.

Walk me through your team and how you manage

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Nothing out of ordinary, mostly about previous history and experience needed for the position.

Why would you want to work at Model? What do you know about inside sales? What kind of team would you hire?

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What type of environment do you thrive in? Please explain your biggest professional achievements. How do you deal with low performers? What is your management style? Explain how people would describe your management style? Please explain your 30/60/90 strategy of growth for the team. Please explain in detail a time when you failed. What were the key learnings? What appeals to you within Shutterstock as a company? **** This was by far the most unprofessional interview experience that I have ever had with a company! I am a professional manager with over 15 years experience. While the process itself was pleasant and professional - and I really liked everyone that I met with - Shutterstock did not have the decency to get back to me with a response. I invested over 7+ hours of interviewing while not taking into account research, preparation and travel. I followed up with the in-house recruiter and every person that I met with and not one person responded with so much as 'we apologize but we decided not to move forward' or 'the role has been paused' or 'we found another candidate'. An absolute complete waste of time and a terrible representation of Shutterstock as a company!!!. I will never forget that. No one deserves to be ignored in such a way after investing so much time ****

There weren't many questions asked directly to me, there was more unilateral talking at me about the company and etc. The actual time spent covering my skills and abilities I bring to the table was 1/3 of the chat. A majority of it was philosophical in nature. It didn't really feel like much of an interview and more of a conversation. I felt pretty confident leaving.

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Most questions were situational leadership -what would you do if?

They were very direct about the challenges of a high growth company. Checking in with me multiple times throughout the interview process to make sure there were no mis-expectations and to confirm my interest level. I was surprised but glad to have such a clear picture of what I was considering getting into.

How do you go about collecting customer feedback and what do you do with that?

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