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Director of Nursing Interview Questions

"As a Director of Nursing, you're responsible for overseeing the care of all patients in your facility. In addition to having extensive knowledge and experience as a nurse, candidates must also demonstrate strong leadership and managerial capabilities. Hospitals and clinics are in need of positive and enthusiastic candidates who are dedicated to constant improvement, so make sure to convey your passion and energy."

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Are you a nursing advocate and if so, please provide examples of situations when you went to bat for your nursing staff. One does not want to come off as "aggressive" while still letting nurses know you will be an advocate for them by listening and passing on their concerns to your supervisor or physicians (biggest concern). In my experience, while most interviewees know how to answer the question, they don't know how to put into action if offered the position

Tell me about a difficult situation you have handled at work.

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What strategies would you implement to help build a strong clinical team?

When can you start?

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"Why are you interested in this position"? "What are your strengths and weaknesses"? "What can you bring to the position"?

How do I monitor that nursing systems are being followed and outcomes are met?

Give me an example of a time when 2 of your staff had a conflict that was interfering with the job, describe the conflict, and the steps you did to intervene.

How did you resolve a client conflict?

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Q: What professional experiences, accomplishments are you bringing to Sunrise that would make you the better candidate?

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