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Director of Rehab Interview Questions


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How will you build a caseload?

1 Answer

I admitted most of my experience was not in that setting, but I gave a very detailed answer. Since this interview, I implemented all that I discussed and more in another facility quite successfully. Wish they had given me the chance to provide that success. My limited experience in the setting,however, even with over 15 years of management experience, was not enough.

How would I measure the building with quarters?

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How would you handle a difficult situation

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Do you feel you can complete the duties of a RD efficiently and successfully?

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The customer is more than a little difficult to deal with... How will you make sure that everyone is always happy?

They asked me a lot of questions about my attitude and how I would deal with minute issues that arise between people and kids.

What is the utilization rate at the building you work at now?

What do you like most about your job

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What do you make at your current job? (this was asked during negotiation)

How would you get parents to accept an aide instead of a registered Therapist?

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