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Design a large scale web-based SoA for mobile clients with location awareness (e.g.: Uber, bike sharing, etc)

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This is open ended question. The interviewee's outcome is as good as the interviewer's mindset.

Do you think you can do this job

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Some deeply technical questions related to technology. Difficult questions were mostly related to performance management and people management.

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Quite normal managerial questions. Nothing out of line.

A big chunk of the interview questions were focused on technical / software development. I got a wide range of questions including writing functions to solve algorithms on a whiteboard, explaining in depth how web/apis work and challenges/solutions for high scalability problems.

Nothing was particularly difficult. The hiring manager asked about my management style etc but no technical questions per say.

Another huge part of the interview focus was cultural fit. There were a lot of questions about what is important to me being part of a team, how I would handle difficult situations, conflicting points of view, prioritization challenges, etc.

Questions about Salesforce, the products Salesforce offers, why I want to join.

Although education, skill and experience were asked about, the main concern was quite obviously salary requirement. The amount was middle of the road for this area, not egregious by any means, but I could tell from her tone of voice that they were looking for someone who was willing to take far less.

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Multiple rounds of coding/algs problems for a director level interview were unexpected and refreshing