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How would you multi task a situation where stock us running out and you need to attend an important meeting for financial reporting.

1 Answer

I would prioritize , determine and if need be, delegate a colleague to manage if possible. If there is nobody to take Chase, I would abd postpone the meeting

What was my background in consulting, practice and client portfolio?

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Broad, unstructured questions about entire work history...

- Work Experience: - Strengths - Weakness - Experience managing teams.

Three of the four interviewers complained that the COO and Marketing department were selling phones that they don't have and not selling phones of which they have an excess...

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The COO was the fourth interviewer, and he (hilariously) complained about their consistent 17% backorder rate, asking what I would do to help the situation.

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The hiring VP, who is by trade a software developer, asked me to sketch out their operational process on a very small white board, identifying areas of improvement that I would focus upon in trying to make their business more efficient and less costly.

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A lot of time in the phone interview was spent on my education and leadership experience.

How have you previously dealt with high-mix / low-volume Supply Chain issues?

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