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What is your management style?

2 Answers

I manage by leading, by walking around and engaging with other departments, and maintain an open door policy.

I manage by inspiring, sharing a long term vision, forgiving mistakes, coaching afterward. If somebody has the values they'll be coached and developed if they do not, they won't be in the team.

Do you delegate or are you more of a doer?

1 Answer

What would you do if money didn't exist. Very thought provoking

2 Answers

What is the most proud accomplishment? What are the difficulties I overcame during my career? How do I see myself in 5 years? Is it Ok if the title will be lesser than current? What are my criterions of finding the best employees? Which environment is best matches my style of management?

Exactly why would you consider leaving your current employer to join Oracle?

Can you tell me about your self? No discussion of the analytics best practices. Interviewers were not qualified. While we all know it is a good bank, its reputation for analytics and data driven marketing is not good. Stay away from this bank if you are coming from a tech company or other more data science driven companies. They don't get it and their Recruiters are not good at steering the process toward the right decisions. This is a great place for Sales people and reporting execs but not data scientists and technical professionals.

They didn't really ask me much about my experience. The COO kept saying how much they do everything themselves - it felt like he thought I was trying to sell him services or something.

Our compensation plan for our sales executive have changed multiple times in the last 6 months, how would you break that to the team? It was mostly a VP speaking about future strategies for the company.

Why LendUp over companies? How do I align to the mission of the company?

How I had handled difficult situations in the past.

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