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The most unexpected question was "Review this Java code. What's wrong with it?"

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For a management role in Product Management, this was an improper question. Product Managers never say "how to do this," they say "what needs to be done."

maybe they just wanted to show you some code (regardless of the language) and see if you would figure out something blatantly wrong (like a tag that was not closed) - just to see how you dealt when looking at something you are not familiar with. it's like looking at the reaction of people who did not studied mathematics when they have a formula in front of them - most of the times, they are so scared that they feel paralized

There were a few phases of homework involved. One was to create specs for a competitor's next product. One was to do a competitive analysis on a few people in the space. Both very real-life situations so I thought that was a great way to dig into candidate's capabilities and to see how they thought about specs and analysis they do. I've never worked harder and been more impressed with an interview cycle.

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It was very situational and behavioral with them wanting to learn about how I create and manage successful products.

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Engineers tend to get the wacky game type questions. Business and Marketing people get drilled on case studies often trying to solve huge issues the company is trying to solve. For example, if you are meeting with the Windows Phone group, they might ask you how to grow share for Windows Phone.

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One of the editors accused me of "drinking the FOSS (a competitor) kool-aid."

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Why do you want to leave your old firm?

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When are you available to speak?

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What would be an example of a difficult managerial decision?

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Why are you leaving this job?

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Tell me about a time when you had a conflict with engineering Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss Tell me about a time when you interviewed somewhere and no one smiled for 4 hours (Kidding).

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