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They give you a real life scenario to write and email to an imaginary client about...everything about this was easy except because I was so nervous I had difficulty getting the details down. Most important thing to keep in mind: get the details right.

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They explained there wasn't an exact right or wrong answer, they were looking for my approach and professionalism in communicating to the client.

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Are you still interested in the job?

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What does your husband do for work?

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Fairly pedestrian questions for such a long interview process, but the one consistent question was about what type of company culture and pace I am comfortable with.

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Describe what u wld do if someone did nt do what u asked?

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Please write a blog, about this feature, with this voice?

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What relevant marketing experience do you have?

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They asked me did I review all 36 of their websites. Please note 35 of the websites are hotels with only one being the company's website itself.

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They placed a lot of emphasis on job titles and not actually the description of work done and completed. A job title is just that. It's a job title.

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