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Director, Risk Management was asked...June 22, 2014

I was not given an invitation to interview.

1 Answers

I agree with you no human in human resources absolutely stop on and fantastic

Carilion Clinic

Why do you want to move from the Washington, DC area to a much smaller city?

1 Answers

I was interested in working for a not for profit organization rather than a for profit corporation. I was also interested in working for a more stable (less layoffs) industry. Less

Apollo Education Group

How would I respond if I made a recommendation that the receiving department chose not to implement?

1 Answers

If the recommendation was important enough, I would start with the facts. What are the impacts to the organization, the department, to you, if these recommendations are not followed? I would persuade based on facts. If the department still refuses, I would want to raise to the next level - the VP of the organization, internal audit, or enterprise risk management. Again, focusing on the actual impacts to the business for not resolving the issue. Less


Not really a difficult one, it was expected. They asked me if a Spanish language could be a barrier in building a high level performance Risk Management Team in Santiago, 2nd largest hub of Hatch outside Canada.

1 Answers

I said no, I'm a little bit conversant in Spanish and besides my team will be all technical specialists, so I have only to take care of my discussions with them more to sound colloquially. Less

U.S. Bank

How do you balance the needs of the businesses and the regulatory requirements

1 Answers

I stated that I had over 20 years experience helping banks balance the risk in their statistical models and the profitability of the respective business units. Less


why work for HSBC?

1 Answers

nice opportunity

M+W Group

How you will behave in such/or other situation? (then situation was described by hiring manager and I shall answer, situation quite critical - problematic but usual on this kind of position)

1 Answers

I have used all my knowledge experience to provide answer on that situation, something I knew from direct experience, something just knowledge or result of knowledge (estimation). I would describe that answer was more based and evaluated on matter not only of knowledge and experience but together how employee thinks and how he are going to behave during problematical critical situations, how he try to find a solution. Less


Why looking to leave, Why Manulife, more conversation-based topics rather than old-school question & answer

1 Answers


M+W Group

What meaning of "...." (and hiring manager said one word - special term of one software that I would use (That I suppose to know).

1 Answers

Unfortunately I did not knew such term, word. Hiring manager explained its meaning to me with patience. Therefore I suggest to all potential future employees, review in detail requirements for the role and if you need to use any software (PM, engineering, administration tools) and you have not worked with that, try to learn basis of it. It could help during interview. Less

CEO and CFO can't wait to put me in the real world challenges with all kinds of questions from the business and ask for my input, new ideas, solutions, etc etc. It was very exciting and encouraging.

1 Answers

I gave genuine answers as I can without hesitation.

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