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How would I manage an executive staff member that was holding up a project?

1 Answer

I stated that I would approach the staff member and discuss the deadline and what I needed from them as ask if there was anything I could do to help facilitate the action/information that I needed.

Which role or lane you play most often in League of Legends?

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Q: What is the hardest thing you've ever had to ask someone for?

Do you think is a good strategy if we launch Chinese New Year's skins in China first and then all other countries?

Basic PM questions—most difficult project, what did do you do to complete it? What were the challenges?

Q: What are the biggest challenges facing higher education today?

What do you know about Xactly? Have you performed any change management or transformation work? Have you presented to a board before? Have you worked on M&A integration?

I don't recall the specific questions, but they were mainly just related to my background and ability to do the job. Nothing odd-ball or very challenging.

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