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Why dI'd you chose dish

1 Answer

what where some examples on Iflix customerengament position test the one that u have to answer questions about handling different types of customers I have an interview in Iflix please give me some examples on the questions u have been asked

Are you will to work long hours. heavy work load with dangerous situations. Are you fluent in both English and Spanish this being Miami, FL. Are you willing to lift heavy loads. Are you scared of heights of confined spaces. You will be working in crawl spaces under houses and in attics. Would you be able to?

1 Answer

Do you have construction experience?

1 Answer

What do you think you need to work on.

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Are u experienced at installing satellite

1 Answer

What is your biggest weakness?

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I surprisingly didn't think any of the questions were that difficult as they mostly consisted of different situations you would encounter and weather or not I would be comfortable being in that situation.

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Would you be absolutely flexible working 4 days a week, mandatory OT and highly likely on weekends? (for $13.25 an hour)

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what are something you need to work on..(overall)

All the questions were easy basic interview questions about how you handle customer service and working with other people. It was really cut and dry.

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