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Dish Network Installer Interview Questions


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I surprisingly didn't think any of the questions were that difficult as they mostly consisted of different situations you would encounter and weather or not I would be comfortable being in that situation.

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Citing similar instances you have encountered is helpful

What do you think you need to work on.

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One of the questions asked about a situation where the installer did not have the needed equipment to finish a job, what should be done? 1 Tell the customer you don't have what they need and reschedule. 2. Go back to the warehouse and get the equipment and be late for the next job. 3. Call the supervisor and ask them to bring the piece of equipment that was needed.

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Are u experienced at installing satellite

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Why dI'd you chose dish

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Do you have construction experience?

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what are something you need to work on..(overall)

All the questions were easy basic interview questions about how you handle customer service and working with other people. It was really cut and dry.

What is your biggest weakness?

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Name a time you had a difficult time with a customer how did you solve the problem

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