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From the math test staffing situation: If one person leaves this position early because he gets sick, how would you reassign the remaining employees in order to ship out the correct number of product for the day?

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This was the question I stalled the interviewers on initially because I had manipulated the initial numbers in the math question to give me a buffer of employees in two areas so this wouldn't be an issue. Apparently no one else thought about people calling in sick or not showing up to work, so I think I impressed at least one interviewer by thinking ahead in this situation.

Would you be willing to manage a 24 hour operation?

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How did you know you achieved the results you wanted at the end of every day?

Tell me about a time you were faced with a difficult task and how you dealth with it.

What are some of the strengths you would bring with you since you have been in the industry for 10 years?

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If I were to contact your current employer, what do you thing he or she would say you need to improve on?

Describe a conflict in which you knew you were correct, and needed to bring other/s over to your point of view.

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