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“Tell us about a time when you had conflict ( two superiors asking you work on different projects at same time) and how you dealt with it.”

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I answered honestly and told them I will follow the order of whoever superior was first to ask my service but will let the other superior know about my plan. The interviewer wanted to know how you handle conflict, if you can solve it and finish the job.

Can you be in your feet for 8 to 10 hours?

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Are you flexible with the hours you can work?

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Please tell give me an example of how you have been affected by veteran preference.

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The postmaster showed me a list of approx. 10 people who wanted to work in the same office for which I was applying and for the same job for which I was applying. He asked me: "What makes you think that you are the best job applicant among this list of people who achieved the same test score that you achieved plus some of whom are 10 points ahead of you because they are veterans?" (At the time vets automatically received an extra 10 points, which I hope is still true today.)

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Why did you leave your last job?

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There are no interview questions everything are done through the staffing agency. Filled applications and show up. The company will hire or let you go based on your performance.

If they were mailing a package, what would you ask the customer? Then, after fixing up their package and placing it(them) in the bin, what else would you say to the customer?

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This job was so long ago that I don't remember the questions I was asked.

they ask mostly about conflicts and how you would handle them, what is world class customer service, what does being on time mean and about products and services offered by USPS.

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