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Doctor was asked...September 20, 2017

Why do you want to work here

2 Answers

Since it is near my house and so prefer to work here.

If I'm successful today. I can assure you that I will work hard to help others people in hospital... Less

Indian Army

Medical care and emergency Management in hospital

2 Answers

Medical expertise

Two work I do no but try it

The Emirates Group

Tell us some thing about you

2 Answers

Detailed information including personal attributes

General Practitoner with 15yrs of clinical experience, DHA LICENCE, can speak basic Arabic Less

Atlantic Health System
Doctor was asked...September 3, 2015

Why are you working here?

2 Answers

For the tremendous benefits available.

Opportunity of my family that is my acceptance

have you the required qualification?

1 Answers

i answered with yes

The Children's Hospital & The Institute of Child Health

If you are asked to work for continuous night duties lasting 2pm in the next day, will you co-operate with the management?

1 Answers

If there is some natural disaster in the region requiring more work out of me, I'll for sure co-operate with the management. But, if there is nothing serious, I'll prefer not to indulge in any such duty schedules. Less

BSW Timber

about may skill, how long my experience

1 Answers

i am can answer 4 from 5 quetions

more about the educational qualification and my professional background regarding how will i help the BDS Doctors to get hands on experience.

1 Answers

i have answered well because i have been working as dentist and i love my work and profession. Less

National Taiwan University Hospital
PGY Doctor was asked...February 4, 2018

Patient coming in with poor diabetic control. What are the possible differential diagnosis.

1 Answers

Despite life style control and other drug use, checking for possible endocrine source is necessary, such as acromegaly and goiter. Less


What college of medicine i graduated from

1 Answers

Faculty of medicine University of Indonesia

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