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First question asked was, "So, what do you know about Coca Cola." I was expecting more customer service based questions. At least know a little bit about the company.

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I just said it's one of the most recognized brands globally and there are POP displays everywhere. That was enough.

I was asked about a time when I faced a difficult situation involving a customer and how I handled it.

What made you want to come work for Coca Cola. Baited question of course. They want to know if your a true fan of Coke and want to be brain washed in to "Bleeding the Red and White" or just need a job. If you just need a job they count you as a short term employee and when it all gets crappy you'll get a different job.

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What is my background in the field?

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Where else have you worked?

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it was with 2 people. somewhat casual. they asked me about my experience and dependability

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What is a situation you had where you had to resolve customers problem and then convey your decision to your sales rep/ superior.

What do I plan to do in the next 5 years

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